Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teach you a trick: how to beautify MM eyebrows, eyelashes and eyes

Now a lot of artistic photos are optimized with Photoshop in post in order to achieve perfect results. Today, we teach how to optimize crush close-up photo of the eyebrows, eyelashes and eyes.

This tutorial focus: GC use, mixed mode, layer mask

Original photo:

Photos of the former

1, and now we start from the eyebrows, the background layer onto the [Create a new layer] on, get a copy of the background. Select the Lasso tool from the toolbox, draw in the eyebrows around a loose constituency, press Alt + Ctrl + D key combination, emergence.

Reproduction, selection, emergence

2, select the eyebrows in the emergence, and then press [ctrl + j] be the eyebrows independent layers [layer 1], in the Layers palette, drag the eyebrows of [mixed-mode] from the [normal] switch to [positive stack end], it will darken layer film.

Copy layer, change the mixed mode

3, press the Alt key, and click the Layers palette at the bottom of the layer mask icon (press the Alt key will use the black fill, which will hide the effect of Multiply, you can see the eyebrows look normal, and Then, press the letter D to set foreground color to white.

Multiply the effect of hiding

4, close to the largest selection and eyebrows soft edge brush to brush options bar will reduce the opacity of 50% and then, with a brush from right to left in the eyebrows on the smear, in the painting process by pressing the left bracket key the brush size smaller, smear operation will show the effect of Multiply, so dark eyebrows.

Use a soft edge brush smear

5, and now has eyelashes, eyelashes and eyebrows of the same amendment, not repeat it here, given the steps we do it themselves, to obtain the Lasso tool and draw the eye around a loose electoral constituencies to ensure the full including eyelashes.

Eyelash region in all selected, press [ctrl + j] key combination to copy it to its own separate layer, this layer of the hybrid model was revised to Multiply, which will change the entire layer dark.

Press the Alt key, and click the Layers palette icon on the bottom of this layer to fill in for the black adds a layer mask, will hide out Multiply results.

6, to ensure that the foreground color is still white, and then select a very small soft-edge brush, and smearing along the bottom lashes, making the region dim Also, along the bottom lashes smear the face and eyes (be careful carefully points) make eyelashes were more dense, more, more.

Use a soft edge brush smear

7, is amended eye eye, the image of whites part of the repair can not repair, because in order by the very white, do not see any blood stained or yellow color, in this call we made was mainly after the encounter This situation can be handled this way.

Select the Lasso tool from the toolbox, in the side of a constituency of white paint around the eye, press the [shift] and the other constituencies in the other side of the draw, until the whole eyes of the white eye in constituencies.

Enter the selection menu, and choose Feather command, to use emergence to soften the border, so that modification of trace less obvious.

Eye eye correction

8, into the [Image] menu and [Adjustment] menu select [Hue / Saturation], when the hue saturation dialog box appears, from the top [edit] select [Red] (with only the picture red to edit), and then in [Saturation] slider left to reduce the red mobile saturation, (which will eliminate the white eyes appear bloodshot, if the reduced yellow on the choice of yellow saturation)

Eliminate the white eyes appear bloodshot

9, in the [Hue / Saturation] dialog box, the [Edit] menu to switch into [full size] will [lightness] Drag the slider right to increase the brightness of white eye. Click the [good], then press ctrl + D deselect, editing.

Increase the brightness of white eye

10, to see what the difference with the original image, the other eye is left to you. Effect diagram:

Photos of completed

Photos of the former

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