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Initial bitmap

In this lesson we will learn how to use bitmap in the program. More precisely, we have to learn is how the client area of a window to display the bitmap.
Bitmap is stored in a computer in the picture. A considerable number of bitmap file format (Translation: If. BMP.JPG.GIF.PIC, etc.), but Windows only supports Windows Bitmap Graphics Format, or BMP file. This course is also referred to bitmap BMP files. Use bitmap easiest way is to define it in the resource file (. Rc) in the. There are two methods defined. The first method is to macro it is defined as an integer, as follows:

# Define IDB_MYB99vMAP 100
IDB_MYB99vMAP B99vMAP "c: projectexample.bmp"
The first line we define an integer with a value of 100 macros. The second line we have to point this macro to be defined integer bitmap, so the compiler will know where the path of the bitmap.
Another method is to give it a name, that is, it is defined as a string, as follows:
MyBitMap B99vMAP "c: projectexample.bmp"
Effects of two methods is the same. Choose a method, depending on the program you like to use integer or string to point to Macro bitmap.
Now that we have the bitmap defined in the resource file, the next step is to make it appear in the window client area.
In the process, we use the API function to obtain the bitmap handle LoadBitmap. Here is the complete LoadBitmap function type:
LoadBitmap proto hInstance: HINSTANCE, lpBitmapName: LPSTR

The function returns a bitmap handle. Function has two parameters, which is the process handle hInstance. lpBitmapName is a pointer to a bitmap name (for the second definition of method). If you use the first definition of method, you can fill point or integer values of a bitmap macro (this value corresponds to the example above is 100, an integer macro is IDB_MYB99vMAP). Here is a simple example:

The first method:
. Model flat, stdcall
. Const
IDB_MYB99vMAP equ 100
. Data?
hInstance dd?
. Code
invoke GetModuleHandle, NULL
mov hInstance, eax
invoke LoadBitmap, hInstance, IDB_MYB99vMAP

The second method:

. Model flat, stdcall
. Data
BitmapName db "MyBitMap", 0
. Data?
hInstance dd?
. Code
invoke GetModuleHandle, NULL
mov hInstance, eax
invoke LoadBitmap, hInstance, addr BitmapName

Text access to a device (DC) handle. You can respond to WM_PAINT message received through the API function BeginPaint. If the other message, you can use the API function GetDC access.
Create the memory DC image. The aim is to establish a "hidden drawing paper", the bit map "painted" on it, for buffer purposes. After the completion of this work, we adopted a function of "drawing paper" on the bitmap copy of the real DC. This is quickly displayed on the screen image of the double-buffering technique. (Translation: You can reduce image jitter) this "drawing paper," with the API function CreateCompatibleDC established, following the completion of its type:
CreateCompatibleDC proto hdc: HDC

If the function succeeds, will return to DC memory image that is "drawing paper," the handle.

Now we have the "drawing paper," could place a picture on it. SelectObject API function that can be completed, the first parameter is the "drawing paper," the handle, the second parameter is a bitmap handle, here is the function of the complete type:
SelectObject proto hdc: HDC, hGdiObject: DWORD
Now the bitmap has been drawn in the "drawing paper" has gone. Next we want to copy the bitmap in the real DC. There are many API functions can finish the job, such as BitBlt and StretchBlt. Function BitBlt the contents of only one DC to another DC simply copy, while the function is to automatically adjust StretchBlt copy the contents of the size of the source DC has the purpose to adapt the size of DC's output area, so the former than the latter faster. Here, we only use the function BitBlt, following the completion of its type:
BitBlt proto hdcDest: DWORD, nxDest: DWORD, nyDest: DWORD, nWidth: DWORD, nHeight: DWORD, hdcSrc: DWORD, nxSrc: DWORD, nySrc: DWORD, dwROP: DWORD

hdcDest purpose DC handle.
nxDest, nyDest purpose DC output area of the upper-left corner coordinates.
nWidth, nHeight purpose DC output area length and width.
hdcSrc handle of the source DC.
nxSrc, nySrc source DC in the upper left corner coordinates of area to be copied.
dwROP screen surface computing code (ROP). Copy the contents of the parameter used to determine the color and the color of the original output area by which computing approach. Usually, simply copy the contents of the output area with a overwrite.
All completed, the API function with the release of the bitmap DeleteObject object, that is, the bit map "erase."
You're done! Now come back over the procedure: First, you need to define the bitmap in the resource file. Then, you need to load a bitmap in the program resources, and get a bitmap handle. Then, you need to get a bitmap output area of DC, and the creation of the DC's memory image, and to a bitmap image into the memory DC. Finally the bitmap image copied from the memory DC to DC in the real.
. Model flat, stdcall
option casemap: none
include masm32includewindows.inc
include masm32includeuser32.inc
include masm32includekernel32.inc
include masm32includegdi32.inc
includelib masm32libuser32.lib
includelib masm32libkernel32.lib
includelib masm32libgdi32.lib
WinMain proto: DWORD,: DWORD,: DWORD,: DWORD
IDB_MAIN equ 1

. Data
ClassName db "SimpleWin32ASMBitmapClass", 0
AppName db "Win32ASM Simple Bitmap Example", 0

. Data?
hInstance HINSTANCE?
CommandLine LPSTR?
hBitmap dd?

. Code
invoke GetModuleHandle, NULL
mov hInstance, eax
invoke GetCommandLine
mov CommandLine, eax
invoke WinMain, hInstance, NULL, CommandLine, SW_SHOWDEFAULT
invoke ExitProcess, eax

WinMain proc hInst: HINSTANCE, hPrevInst: HINSTANCE, CmdLine: LPSTR, CmdShow: DWORD
mov wc.style, CS_HREDRAW or CS_VREDRAW
mov wc.lpfnWndProc, OFFSET WndProc
mov wc.cbClsExtra, NULL
mov wc.cbWndExtra, NULL
push hInstance
pop wc.hInstance
mov wc.hbrBackground, COLOR_WINDOW +1
mov wc.lpszMenuName, NULL
mov wc.lpszClassName, OFFSET ClassName
mov wc.hIcon, eax
mov wc.hIconSm, eax
invoke LoadCursor, NULL, IDC_ARROW
mov wc.hCursor, eax
invoke RegisterClassEx, addr wc
INVOKE CreateWindowEx, NULL, ADDR ClassName, ADDR AppName,
hInst, NULL
mov hwnd, eax
invoke ShowWindow, hwnd, SW_SHOWNORMAL
invoke UpdateWindow, hwnd
. While TRUE
invoke GetMessage, ADDR msg, NULL, 0,0
. Break. If (! Eax)
invoke TranslateMessage, ADDR msg
invoke DispatchMessage, ADDR msg
. Endw
mov eax, msg.wParam
WinMain endp

WndProc proc hWnd: HWND, uMsg: UINT, wParam: WPARAM, lParam: LPARAM
. If uMsg == WM_CREATE
invoke LoadBitmap, hInstance, IDB_MAIN
mov hBitmap, eax
. Elseif uMsg == WM_PAINT
invoke BeginPaint, hWnd, addr ps
mov hdc, eax
invoke CreateCompatibleDC, hdc
mov hMemDC, eax
invoke SelectObject, hMemDC, hBitmap
invoke GetClientRect, hWnd, addr rect
invoke BitBlt, hdc, 0,0, rect.right, rect.bottom, hMemDC, 0,0, SRCCOPY
invoke DeleteDC, hMemDC
invoke EndPaint, hWnd, addr ps
. Elseif uMsg == WM_DESTROY
invoke DeleteObject, hBitmap
invoke PostQuitMessage, NULL
invoke DefWindowProc, hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam
xor eax, eax
WndProc endp
end start

;------------------------------------------------- --------------------
; Resource definitions
;------------------------------------------------- --------------------
# Define IDB_MAIN 1
IDB_MAIN B99vMAP "tweety78.bmp"


# Define IDB_MAIN 1
IDB_MAIN B99vMAP "tweety78.bmp"
Define macro IDB_MAIN integer value of 1, then it points to a resource file in the same directory with the file named "tweety.bmp" bitmap.
. If uMsg == WM_CREATE
invoke LoadBitmap, hInstance, IDB_MAIN
mov hBitmap, eax

In dealing with WM_CREATE message, we pass the API function LoadBitmap loading bitmap resources, and through the function return value to obtain the bitmap handle.
Then, we can place the picture in the window client area.

. Elseif uMsg == WM_PAINT
invoke BeginPaint, hWnd, addr ps
mov hdc, eax
invoke CreateCompatibleDC, hdc
mov hMemDC, eax
invoke SelectObject, hMemDC, hBitmap
invoke GetClientRect, hWnd, addr rect
invoke BitBlt, hdc, 0,0, rect.right, rect.bottom, hMemDC, 0,0, SRCCOPY
invoke DeleteDC, hMemDC
invoke EndPaint, hWnd, addr ps

In this example, we choose in response to WM_PAINT message to draw the bitmap. First we get through the API function l BeginPaint DC client area window handle. Then we created through the API function CreateCompatibleDC memory image of the DC, and through API function SelectObject to bitmap image into memory. Next, we get through the API function GetClientRect the size of the window client area. Finally, we function through the API BitBlt the bitmap image copied from the memory DC to the DC area in the real customers. Finished the work, we release the DC through the API function DeleteDC memory image, with the release of the client area of API functions EndPaint DC, drawing the end of the work.

. Elseif uMsg == WM_DESTROY
invoke DeleteObject, hBitmap
invoke PostQuitMessage, NULL
When we no longer need the bitmap, through the API function DeleteObject to release it.

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Ashes of modern CAE

Most of the technology is there to promote improvements in technology. If the old technology can no longer upgrade
We must break the old thinking to the new structure to replace! This thing is taking place in the modern CAE sector!

Classic CAE software in order to maintain compatibility, have long dragged a heavy burden. Although the share of the market, but the response capacity decreased, can not meet the changing needs of users, like the old car, authoritative but not skillfully. Now, whether it is nonlinear, dynamic, fluid, electromagnetic, or optimization, in all areas of new CAE technology continues to challenge the classic. The CAE industry seems to be experiencing a rebirth of a change, so that modern CAE in the world with renewed vitality. If we observe several currently active in the CAE software market will really appreciate this wonderful change.

Calculation of flexible structure

Most say on the ashes of software should be nonlinear and multi-field coupling technique known ANSYS software.

ANSYS is a fact, with a long history of CAE software, produced in 1970 from the now 36-year history. However, this procedure had a strange experience: the end of last century, ANSYS has not released a new version of the past three years, until she almost lost patience with the user. In fact, this three years, ANSYS has experienced a Nirvana: She's founder, Dr. John Swanson led his team to spend three years, using the latest programming technology to re-write the procedural framework for the classic modern IT technology with ANSYS transformed into a vibrant and new software. Workbench introduction to her loyal customers prove they are not white and so on for three years. ANSYS with her series of excellent patient users of new technologies to give a return: CAD model of a two-way interaction parameters, the assembly of Relationship Intelligence to judge, contact element automatically creates unique variational technique, deep non-linear technology, advanced multi-field coupling technology, high-performance computing first breakthrough 100 million degrees of freedom, the rapid integration of M & A process ... ..., too many of the leading ANSYS technology reflects the young and healthy, to re-establish the procedural framework for the ANSYS many opportunities! Finally jumped in the beginning of this century the world's largest provider of CAE software.

Rigid body dynamics calculation

And compared to traditional rigid body dynamics software, RecurDYN LRT fast horses, young and very fighting.

RecurDYN by Korean FunctionBay company launched the first version in 1997, entered China in 2002. Produced relative to the 70's body dynamics software for nearly 20 years later. But the recursive algorithm in the last century 80's achievements in the rapid development of the RecurDYN special. Even the traditional emotional body dynamics software users have to wonder over this new software excels.



In Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the field looking for second-generation leader, the prime of life CFX software into my eyes.

CFX software produced in the late 90s of last century, than the first generation of CFD software, the new 15 years, only 10 years. The last 10 years, is the world's most advanced CFD technology for 10 years. Therefore, using the second generation of CFD technology, CFX an advantage. As a result of the new structure of modern programming techniques, CFX CFD in absorbing the latest technology when there is no obstacle, and the first generation of CFD software at this time becomes a heavy burden. In the calculation of accuracy, convergence speed and stability and, CFX have outstanding performance. A large number of tests show that, CFX convergence rate faster than the first generation of CFD programs one to two orders of magnitude. AIAA conference in 2003, the organizers use multiple CFD software, the DLR-F6 wing-body combination and the DLR-F6 wing-body combination of a series of engine pylons under the angle of attack aerodynamic drag, lift, pitching moment calculated, CFX calculations show better than the time involved in testing the accuracy of any of a CFD software, showing the advantages of the second generation of CFD technology.

Electromagnetic simulation

In the electromagnetic simulation (CEM) in the field, there is also an exciting scene.

FEKO software industry as a dark horse CEM, interpretation of the new architecture of the old structure of the breakthrough. Finite element method in 70 to the rapid development of the early 80s to early electromagnetic simulation software into the glass roof. Moment method and the high-frequency approximation method in the rapid development of the late 80s, the successful achievement of the FEKO software.

EMSS FEKO from South Africa in 1995, the company launched the first version, entered China in 2001. Later than the same software for almost 20 years, but now has become the CEM software, one of the most unique in the world.


Design Optimization

Variational technique based on the design optimization DesignXplorer VT had a fire lit, and the more intense burning.

DesignXplorer VT was introduced in 2001 ANSYS multi-objective optimization software is ANSYS 2000 acquisition of Parametric Technology Corporation CADOE France, will integrate its technology following the launch of the new module Workbench.

Optimization algorithm has become a vast and complex field, now people are still enthusiastic about her. But no matter how good the new algorithm, can not escape his point: the need for a large number of iterative calculations. The more design variables, the more iterations required. Rocket ship for the aircraft or aircraft engine car such a complex product design variables very much, because a large number of iterations required to optimize in fact meaningless. Lushan in the optimization algorithm into the so-called superior algorithm, only quantitative, not qualitative change. But DesignXplorer out of Lushan, creating a surprising way: variational technology (VT: Variational Technology), this technique only one calculation, you can go to the optimization results.


There was a saying, "澶ч奔鍚冨皬楸?, warned that if they can not themselves become larger, can be annexed. But the rules of the game in today's world has changed, become "fast fish eat slow fish." Do not you see the big recent acquisition of CAE industry, are a typical "slow fast food" rather than "eat little." If you can not be like the old program ANSYS as Nirvana, you may be new or alternative technology mergers and acquisitions, from the historical stage. No matter how a software will not Nirvana, does not affect the CAE industry, ashes, we are fortunate in growing up in a new era of phoenix wings Jifei!


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COREL KNOCKOUT matting examples Guide (6)

TABLE align = center border = 0 width = 542>
Lesson: the edge of defect repair

This lesson introduces how to repair defects in the edge matting, you will be able to:
* How to clear the edge of complementary color;
* In the complementary color at the same time, how to enlarge the region;
* The image;
* Test treatment effect;
* Enter the background image, the preview image synthesis.
This lesson plan is generated under the matting (added background image):

1. Input file
1. Click the menu FILEOPEN;
2. To find installation path;
4. Double-click the file SYRINGE.CKO;
5. Click the menu EDITPROCESS.
If the constituency line is hidden, click the menu VIEWSHOW ALL, show all constituencies line.
2. For being too thin and the edge of complementary color fade
Sometimes, because the edge of the object is too thin, or the pigment is not clear, matting, the edge will be that "ignore" out, thus affecting the matting effect, the edge using COREL KNOCKOUT complementary color feature, you can type perfect repair defects.
The figure is a need to fill color in this case the area:

In this case, because the internal constituencies line through the area a darker hair than normal number of areas, so, in dealing with image, the foreground region, the value has not been effectively preserved, the formation of defects. The object from the future appropriate area to take color, color value and then added to the defects in the region to repair defects. use of amplification, can click the fill color region is more accurate. deal with images, you can enter a different background image, in order to test the treatment effect .
1. Click the Tools within the syringe;
2. Press and hold the CTRL key while clicking the left mouse button to get the location of color, as shown below, extract the location of the color value.
3. Click the L button to activate a small magnifying glass;
4. In accordance with the location shown below, click the mouse several times in the defective parts, the defects in the region complementary color;

5. Click the L button again to restore the normal view, if you want to delete a complementary color point, you need to press the ALT key and hold, then dotted with a circle around the mouse, release the left mouse button, you can delete it.
6. Click the menu EDITPROCESS;
7. Can perform the "ORIGINAL", "KNOCKEDOUT" or "ALPHA" command, respectively, see images of different states.
3. Fill light
In this case, because the backlight reasons, some of the edges of the hair in the process would "disgrace" or lose their original high optical properties, the next figure shows this type of defect. Using COREL KNOCKOUT's within the syringe, can easily be lost in the high-light the value of repair.
1. Extract zoom tool, click the right edge of the object;
2. Click the Tools button within the syringe;
3. Press the CTRL key and hold, then follow the location shown below, click at high optical Department learned the value of high-light color;

4. Click the menu EDITORIGINAL, display the original image;
5. Discreditable defect location, click the mouse a few times and note the defects fill light color, right click on the next map location:

6. Click EDITPROCESS, processing images;
7. Click the menu VIEW, each implementation of the "ORIGINAL", "KNOCKEDOUT" or "ALPHA" command, view the images under different conditions.
4. Add Background
By adding a background image, you can preview the object has been taken to pull in a different background image in the display.

1. In the foil color panel, click on "IMAGE" button;
2. In the resulting pop-up window, click on the background image files to be imported;
3. Click the menu WINDOWFIT WINDOW (window matching);
4. Click the menu VIEWHIDE ALL, hide all constituencies line to get a better view effect.
5. Save the output
Save to later re-processing, the output is to be matting applied to other image processing, editing program. Specific operations with the previous lessons, no description.

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SEO copy content and duplicate content

Website Optimization SEO promotion in the article repeatedly mentioned the "duplicate content" issue, but said Google's Chinese version of the more polite, using the word "duplicate content."

In the eyes of search engines, there are many ways to judge duplicate content, Google has also been introduced to the situation.

Of course I think the search engines for duplicate content will be punished, or at least made it clear that their favorite search engine is unique fresh content.

Although Google's Webmaster Help Center's "duplicate content" section, for the collected contents of the wording did not spend less severe, but also introduces a some kind of solutions Mouxiewenti.

1) duplicate content unless the user looks intended to deceive and manipulate search engine results, otherwise we will not have duplicate content on the site to take special measures. If your site suffers from duplicate content issues, but you did not follow the above recommendations, we will choose well in the search results display the contents of the version.

2) However, if our review indicated that you are using deceptive practices, then your website from our search results, delete, please carefully review your site. If you have to make changes and believe site no longer violates our webmaster guidelines, submit your site for reconsideration. We will use Google Webmaster Tools in the "Message Center" to notify you about the latest status of your application.

3) If you find another site by copying (theft and piracy) duplicate your content, it is unlikely your site in Google search results pages have a negative impact in the rankings. If you find particularly unpleasant case, you are welcome to submit DMCA, the declaration of ownership of the relevant content, and asked to remove from the Google index other sites.

I added 1,2,3 above, the original did not.

1) In general in the same site, there are duplicate content problem, Google will use its own algorithm to find a good version of it that put the search results, so this little problem.

2) If a deceptive practice, which is aimed at Google, or other search engine to cheat, then Google will not be soft, will be confirmed directly with the.

3) When the site copied by others, while the occurrence of duplicate content, Google is confident it will solve the problem, so it saw no need to worry too much. DavidYin view is not the case, it is particularly unpleasant so-called case, is the plagiarist's ranking went to the creators of the front, this is a very unpleasant place to the original author, then the DMCA would be submitted to an effective means of , and this is what I have to take complaints against plagiarism reason.

In such circumstances, whether it is duplicate content or duplicate content, not a good thing, to try to avoid this from happening.

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To build customer-centric value chain (1)


For companies of any size, from the traditional supply chain concept to the customer-centric transformation of the value chain is a challenging task because in the latter, all the resources and processes needed to optimize more better and faster service to customers. However, growth in the small and medium manufacturing enterprises, the implementation of the enterprise and supply chain-class information technology solutions will be more cause for concern. Small and Medium Companies Can Use to market value chain will be successful - whether they have chosen the right solution to keep pace with the scale and scope of business, whether they could the technology flexible Yunyong Yu Naxiezengzhi largest areas - will be discussed in detail.

銆怌omments銆?br />
One for small and medium enterprises to technology-oriented approach

Companies of any size, from the traditional supply chain concept to the customer as the center of the transformation of the value chain is a challenging task because in the latter, all the resources and processes need to be optimized to Geng better and faster service to customers.

However, growth in the small and medium manufacturing enterprises, the implementation of the enterprise and supply chain-class information technology solutions will be more cause for concern.

Understanding of many organizations are from the manual or non-integrated business process automation turn fully integrated process automation, and this change is done relying on information technology, the difficulty may be large, make a separate business unit, and can be quite expensive. But the fact is that under the conditions in today's technology, those who can not improve the business processes that create greater value for enterprise customers will be submerged in the era of Red Dust.

Small and medium enterprises, an important thing to remember is that the implementation of IT is by no means a "not to implement either full or complete" problem. In their respective challenges facing small and medium market, the technology used must be in business for the center, less maintenance, easy to implement, learn and use. In addition, the implementation must be fast, and quickly get returns.

The purpose of this article is to explain the small market in the company how the value chain will be successful - whether they have chosen the right solution to keep pace with the development of the size and scope of business, they can be flexible in applying technology those areas of greatest value.

Supply chain challenges

Many are in growth-oriented companies, technology is an improvement, not a revolution. Companies are usually a county from the beginning of the accounting package. Later, they may add a new function-specific packages - such as inventory management, or the bar code of the preparation and identification. For some manufacturers, such as Wal-Mart and JC Penney and other large retailers, may need to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and advance shipment notice (ASN) capacity, and it will implemented. But the general said many companies still maintain a central work of the industry the way to proceed.

However, in this market space, more and more companies have realized the value of information integration, and in this way or that the implementation of the manufacturing enterprise application systems, on the use of the material requirements planning (MRP ), manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), and manufacturing execution systems (MES). The problem is, these solutions provide a degree of integration at the same time, it is almost exclusive attention to manufacturing and shop floor operations, rather than the entire business process. Although the shop floor solutions are often both Nenggoutongguo 鎻愰珮 operational efficiency and reduce Langfei to Huode grassroots of Mouxiejiesheng, but not be able to improve enterprise value, Huo Zhe Jiang Jin to build enterprise value of Neizai Kehuguanji in.

Growth and value

When it comes to plant-level solution program, already begun with many small and medium Gong Si Dai second or third generation of software products, and Danshi they still look for the market in the differentiation strategy, and the growth from business itself. The company has been moving in a more visionary and strategic direction - across the traditional "command and control"-like

In reality, the sales revenue and profit growth is not the result of cost reduction. In order to achieve sustainable growth, companies need to take reasonable steps, and its focus on those who can contribute to its growth - its customers. This is a value chain structure, including integration of all aspects of the business to create maximum value for customers. This is to maintain sustainable growth and long-term value of the most reliable way.

If you want a direct customer-oriented staff and production staff collaborate together to better serve customers, then it must be in between these functional areas has controlled the flow of information integration in a timely manner. Seamless integration can not only affect the efficiency, and more importantly, will hinder the internal and external business processes and business partners to improve customer service speed and response speed of the collaboration.

Technological advances that are specific to SMEs, a series of new solution development - including the scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, plant-level solutions, and a separate supply chain applications. Xuduogongying chain solution Du focused on the background, such as the Advanced planning and scheduling, and warehouse Guan Li Deng Gongnengmokuai, now Zhongxiaoqiye really need yes looking for with Gukejiaoliu Bing Chuangzaonenggou to Guke turning back 浠峰? 鐨?鏇村ソ 鍔炴硶.

The rise of CRM

With the company now trades in the market and the arrival of M & A wave, in particular access to differentiated market space becomes more than ever important. In this competitive environment, SMEs may find to their companies and products with other companies distinguish between really difficult to name the party.

In some industries, commodities have been thoroughly assimilated, so that in these industries, the product itself can no longer be a distinction. Examples of these are thoroughly assimilated range from food and beverages, such as cereals, coffee and beer, to the industrial components such as mechanical and electronic parts. Product assimilation result, profits were completely drained, because manufacturers believe that their only option is to compete on product price.

In other industries, consumers and business to business (B2B) consumers are more complex and demanding. In these areas, the price is no longer the primary determinant of purchase decisions. Aware of the manufacturers are prepared to compete in business, the customers can respond to their demands also increase, as may be required manufacturers to provide customized products (such as product packages), to improve the completion rate, customized packaging options and customized delivery options.

In these challenges, a small business should be how to distinguish themselves from other competitors come from? Today, more and more the answers tend to value-added customer service. The integration of products and services are taking place, the service has become an important distinction between those who had.

The customer first place is hidden in the customer relationship management (CRM) system, the potential driving force behind. Sometimes this is called "next generation" Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems, these systems will be sales and marketing information with when, where, and how to ship goods to customers in the hands all relevant Transactions Information Du Ji Cheng Liao up. CRM is not within the enterprise as the center, on the contrary, he was more concerned about the reception or customer-facing processes, emphasis on providing a high level personalized customer service and experience.

According to the ISM in Moldova, the Bethesda research and consulting firm said, CRM is to be optimistic about the prospects. Currently the industry has 400 million business, and in the next five years, the growth rate projected at 40%. This in itself more and more companies are beginning to realize that building a customer-centric value chain of the importance of the evidence. However, in order to create value, CRM must be based on the company to customize the way business, but also must be integrated into the company's systems go, the technology infrastructure needed by SMEs may be unable to provide.

Elements of the value chain

The common emphasis on CRM is another important business trends - it is reshaping the way companies conduct business. With the increasing development of Internet trading and the increasing awareness the World Wide Web, electronic commerce is at an inconceivable rate of development of the Forest. According to Mass-based IDC, the Framingham State said, to 200 years, online retail sales will reach 29 billion U.S. dollars, based B2B revenues expected to reach 66 billion U.S. dollars.

E-commerce can be divided into two types - B2B and business-to-customer (B2C). On mid-market manufacturers, B2B e-commerce is not a new concept. Many companies have them in this or that level involved in the EDI, with its suppliers and customers to conduct business. However, B2B e-commerce has been greatly expanded, it now has corporate intranets and extranets, etc., including the room.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

He Weifang: Why do I write an open letter


Blog China: HE teachers, Hello, I blog in China, we conduct an interview you now. You today issued a "moratorium on recruiting graduate students, I declare - To the Graduate School of Peking University Law School cum responsible comrades of the open letter," What motivated you to send such a letter?

He Weifang: mainly post-graduate entrance examination system problems, we need to do various efforts. In particular, it as a scholar, the academic system of the entire building and training our next generation of academic problems of people, so I think that is a very important issue. This is no way, and by this way to express their dissatisfaction with it the hope and even.

Chinese blog: Why He issued an open letter to the teacher rather than the other way?

He Weifang: We do a lot of efforts in some time ago, Peking University School of Law, 2004-2005 take postgraduate examinations is such a system, but the system is deeply flawed. The most important is the scope of the examination should suppress some of our graduate students a professional orientation test. If it is to consider a professional student, we all know that some of them hope to engage students in a particular aspect of the study. They can in their own undergraduate stage, especially undergraduate juniors and seniors stage, they will be very attentively to carry out a specific area of the accumulation of knowledge, and then when the examination will be arranged, this course is very important, they will they have accumulated in the areas best suited to play the middle of its own characteristics expertise. This system has been in the past, but now do not know why, cause us another kind of attempt. Ideas to the test students in various undergraduate courses should focus on what test, so will cause a problem. Students engaged in research careers, they may not take into account all aspects of a very good student. Sometimes we often say, if each side has reached more than a pass or passing score, but no one has a kind of expertise, I do not think that scholars doing research for work.

There is the send system, I walked system has a different view. I think that send the system a lot of deficiencies. This school of Peking University, for many people, frankly, is a big dream, especially when the university entrance examination, there are many different reasons, so many candidates to play well, they did not test to the ideal university. There are many people whose dream is to Peking University to study. Send the system to make it reduce the chance of people. Statement in reference to the figures, is the official web site I found yesterday in Beijing, I think that has reached more reasonable levels. Too much, and send the two standards to judge, I am here only referred to a. That is, four years of study, each door courses, especially the main courses, test scores are high, top, so people can be walked. In fact, our experience shows that there are many outstanding students, the year in the undergraduate stage is very bad results. Recommended students too biased in favor of examination type, that is a very severe test, but the scholarship is not necessarily good. There is also a recommended students are student leaders, talented students, so I think this is unreasonable walks walks. Those who made such a few people can become a good scholar, so I think the send system is unreasonable. Of course, such a defect, speaking from the inside, you can give 8 9, but for external interviews for this article alone can show us of the shortcomings of the examination system.

I have the right not to recruit

Chinese blog: Do you think you have the right to not enroll, the school will agree?

He Weifang: of course have that right. I might want to recruit students, there are reasons not to move, but I do not always move, and I can even resign Well, so the negative side is to do.

Blog China: what you intend to recruit under restoration?

He Weifang: Only the examination system to return to foster and nurture the academic talents such circumstances, I will resume enrollment.

Blog China: In your letter, you said: "Even if teachers are opposed to policy-makers is still its own way." Policy-makers who? North decisions you what kind of procedure?

He Weifang: Actually this is the case, and we recently had one teacher in the forum, in that forum, LLM examinations related to the issue, my colleagues and I are very consistent view of all that the current system is wrong. But the sector seems to have concluded, again to open such a forum. Forum can not change anything. This policy makers, regulatory bodies, including universities, I think they are not accidental. In fact, I own open letter inside, clearly, education administration, that is, the Ministry of Education, their postgraduate examination system, in accordance with their intent to design. Graduate Examination of the most important is to be decided by the professors. Over the years, such a system are administrators, officials around its little finger between. Serious violation of university autonomy, independence criteria.

Change is not difficult

Blog China: You mentioned the various shortcomings in the existing enrollment system, whether the remedial measures?

He Weifang: Actually, it is very simple, not difficult to change. In the eighties, nineties for a long period of time, we make the examination system is that it's as reasonable, and basically not much defects. Proved, in the eighties, many scholars stand out slowly. Peking University, a very powerful example of a river called Zhang Long, he did not read the University, but his direct examination to Professor Zhu Guangqian doctorate, then this person became the comparative literature, cultural studies is very important to scholars, now the United States to teach. According to this system we have today, may this person will be buried. So very easy to change, and now we were always changing the system to, the words of chop and change with soil. We should have a very stable system.

Chinese blog: You Peking University, Chen Danqing in Tsinghua University, to some extent, it reflects on the universality of our graduate enrollment system failure?

He Weifang: I feel that such a system does exist in many places worthy of our reflection, like the art of professional recruitment, but also to test some of Art Howe is not associated with things like decision making CHEN Dan, I think is worthy of sympathy. He is not easy to make that decision. He looked at art as a very talented person, was somehow the standard block outside the Art Institute, and who has admitted to not qualify, such a situation to be Teacher who really, really suffering. So I think we now need to reflect on the integrity of postgraduate examination system, a full range of different factors. For example, our legal profession, there are two, one is Master of Law, one is the Master of Laws, Master of Laws is to cultivate talent for the world, this professional recruitment in our far more than the size of Master of Laws, We only need the basis of such De situation to decide to design LL.M. admissions, Zhu Yao's Mubiao is Peiyangxueshu Rencai, we have to lay for the future of Faxue Ph.D basis, and if we enrollment when not attract young people to enter the Dao Master of Law ranks, the future admission of Dr. Law also admitted to the master's degree of law, later Professor of Law, Doctor of Law or the overall quality will suffer.

University is to teach

Blog China: You mentioned the independence of the University of independence with professors, among them what kind of relationship?

He Weifang: the so-called universities, according to a Western scholar is in fact the university is to teach. Related to the management of the University of inside, the design of the academic system, academic policy development, must be university professors as a whole will. Can not say that the university become the intervention of external powers, take orders from outside the power of a group or an institution. So I think the two are consistent. Pursuit of autonomy and the University Professors, such a goal. Many people worry that too much independence would bring about other aspects of some problems, for example, does not meet certain principles, can not accept external power to mobilize. I think a country can order, all the people are mobilized, such a system is not exactly the most stable. Sound system below, just supporting the independence of the stability of society will have different voices, a kind of independent force, this force would encounter problems of a country when the time, both efficiency and stability of independent voices, to give the community a good community to resolve conflicts and reasonable way. Western universities and history of independent intellectuals Ye Hao, they have an important role. Unless it was too much emphasis on abuse, but did not see the value of the University of independence of more worthy of introspection.

Parties did not respond

Blog China: open letter to you, whether the parties concerned have reacted?

He Weifang: does not reflect this morning just to write about.

Chinese blog: Have you ever you used to have such an open letter, what kind of reaction?

He Weifang: an open letter written earlier, a variety of network media coverage more.

Chinese blog: Your open letter published in the blog after China has now developed into more than 2,000 hits, more than 40 articles User comments. Some friends say that you "to impart a teacher to say how many teachers would swallow their anger," your courage is appreciated. Some friends you referred to as "the backbone of China's intellectuals!", "Defenders of Chinese education." How do you see the comments of these users?

He Weifang: The reputation too, and I feel How could I achieve, only about a pursuit of academics itself, a value, our pursuit, our values, and these issues are related. So when our rights, our goal was eroded step by step, was hurt when, in fact we all know, the future foundation of our lives will one day be completely destroyed, so we must do good and not for the . From the education itself, there are very major problems, we must voice to this problem. Actually more valuable to society of different views.

Citizenship behavior

Blog China: Martin Luther King advocated "civil disobedience", your behavior is not also be civil disobedience?

He Weifang: Maybe. Not the same situation, Martin Luther King needs to go in prison for such disobedience. However, this is about the. When a society is unreasonable, when each of us has a responsibility to express, to reflect on our resentment. That is, the German jurist Garling said that "struggle for the rights." Second, modern society, the obligation of every citizen. If we face unreasonable things, then all swallow it, do not express their views, in fact, hurt not only themselves, but also the interests of society as a whole.

Chinese blog: This behavior is not also a citizen of civil society in the performance of independent behavior?

He Weifang: I think so. Civil society or civil society, tend to be more pluralistic society. We have different voices, one of the same phenomenon may have been that good, some say bad, it is civil society or civil society is very normal. An interaction between the different views, conflict, compromise will bring a really harmonious society, bringing to rationalize decision-making.

Blog China: Beijing Cai era in the promotion of "freedom of thought, inclusive," the times of today's Beijing Cai How far from? In what ways specifically?

He Weifang: Cai principals as advocated an "inclusive, freedom of thought" tradition, in fact, a great impact on the North later, including Hu Shi later. I think that should not neglect the efforts of Mr. Hu Shi, I think that in the 20th-century China, Hu as a liberal intellectuals, his role is significant, its impact was spread to all areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, and even including China's political development. Even today, many teachers live in the North, and even students, such a spirit or a perennial. Live inside or have some effect, although real life is not only the most satisfactory manner,

China blog: You are resolutely in? Are there concerns over?

He Weifang: No worries about such things, the problem is not too sensitive.

Blog China: such action would you pay?

He Weifang: I do not think. I just sound institutional framework, to do something to it, I imagine such a thing will not come out what bad consequences.

Blog China: You say he is weak, weak choice but to retreat. You such a choice is not very do nothing about?

He Weifang: I have said before, I know. The attitude of the teachers are very consistent, but eventually the arm for the thigh. So we can only express anger in such a way right.

Chinese blog: This is not a passive act of resistance?

He Weifang: I think this is a very powerful resistance. I do not think. Although our society after 20 years of reform and opening up have been great changes, we do not think people have the right to say all right, this has changed a lot.

Be expected

Blog China: HE teacher, interested parties are not there expectations?

He Weifang: I know from my colleagues, many people have said this very well, is absolutely correct. So I hope that everyone with an open forum to find out what everyone's mind, not another meeting before the decision-making, but a genuine attitude towards democracy. Our time through democratic means to solve the problem.

Chinese blog: Thank you celebrate teachers and acceptance of our blog an exclusive interview with China.

He Weifang: Do not mention the blog is a very promising form of a media, bless you, and the development of better and better!

Chinese blog: Thank you celebrate teachers, He good-bye!

He Weifang: Goodbye!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teach you a trick: how to beautify MM eyebrows, eyelashes and eyes

Now a lot of artistic photos are optimized with Photoshop in post in order to achieve perfect results. Today, we teach how to optimize crush close-up photo of the eyebrows, eyelashes and eyes.

This tutorial focus: GC use, mixed mode, layer mask

Original photo:

Photos of the former

1, and now we start from the eyebrows, the background layer onto the [Create a new layer] on, get a copy of the background. Select the Lasso tool from the toolbox, draw in the eyebrows around a loose constituency, press Alt + Ctrl + D key combination, emergence.

Reproduction, selection, emergence

2, select the eyebrows in the emergence, and then press [ctrl + j] be the eyebrows independent layers [layer 1], in the Layers palette, drag the eyebrows of [mixed-mode] from the [normal] switch to [positive stack end], it will darken layer film.

Copy layer, change the mixed mode

3, press the Alt key, and click the Layers palette at the bottom of the layer mask icon (press the Alt key will use the black fill, which will hide the effect of Multiply, you can see the eyebrows look normal, and Then, press the letter D to set foreground color to white.

Multiply the effect of hiding

4, close to the largest selection and eyebrows soft edge brush to brush options bar will reduce the opacity of 50% and then, with a brush from right to left in the eyebrows on the smear, in the painting process by pressing the left bracket key the brush size smaller, smear operation will show the effect of Multiply, so dark eyebrows.

Use a soft edge brush smear

5, and now has eyelashes, eyelashes and eyebrows of the same amendment, not repeat it here, given the steps we do it themselves, to obtain the Lasso tool and draw the eye around a loose electoral constituencies to ensure the full including eyelashes.

Eyelash region in all selected, press [ctrl + j] key combination to copy it to its own separate layer, this layer of the hybrid model was revised to Multiply, which will change the entire layer dark.

Press the Alt key, and click the Layers palette icon on the bottom of this layer to fill in for the black adds a layer mask, will hide out Multiply results.

6, to ensure that the foreground color is still white, and then select a very small soft-edge brush, and smearing along the bottom lashes, making the region dim Also, along the bottom lashes smear the face and eyes (be careful carefully points) make eyelashes were more dense, more, more.

Use a soft edge brush smear

7, is amended eye eye, the image of whites part of the repair can not repair, because in order by the very white, do not see any blood stained or yellow color, in this call we made was mainly after the encounter This situation can be handled this way.

Select the Lasso tool from the toolbox, in the side of a constituency of white paint around the eye, press the [shift] and the other constituencies in the other side of the draw, until the whole eyes of the white eye in constituencies.

Enter the selection menu, and choose Feather command, to use emergence to soften the border, so that modification of trace less obvious.

Eye eye correction

8, into the [Image] menu and [Adjustment] menu select [Hue / Saturation], when the hue saturation dialog box appears, from the top [edit] select [Red] (with only the picture red to edit), and then in [Saturation] slider left to reduce the red mobile saturation, (which will eliminate the white eyes appear bloodshot, if the reduced yellow on the choice of yellow saturation)

Eliminate the white eyes appear bloodshot

9, in the [Hue / Saturation] dialog box, the [Edit] menu to switch into [full size] will [lightness] Drag the slider right to increase the brightness of white eye. Click the [good], then press ctrl + D deselect, editing.

Increase the brightness of white eye

10, to see what the difference with the original image, the other eye is left to you. Effect diagram:

Photos of completed

Photos of the former

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